Site status (10 min) 567 users online, 7 in queue, 162 / 165 trades completed, avg wait 0 mins. 98.2% success.


The first step is logging in via the Steam community OpenID service, click the green button at the top of the page.

Steam OpenID

You will get redirected to a secure Steam community page to login with your Steam username and password. Neither of these will be transmittied to TF2WH, we only get confirmation that you have authenticated.

Account box

When you get back to us, we will display your Steam profile icon and name at the top of the page to let you know you are logged in, along with a Trade History button (which will take you to a page containing all your invoices), and the number of credits in your account (yes, I have a few)

The chat queue

This is the chat queue, it's where a copy of the session transcripts will appear and where the site will inform you who will be trading with you and the status of your trades.

Buying an item

When you find an item you want, head to it's item page and click the Reserve button.

Item reserved

At this point the item is reserved to you, if the item is particularly new, you may be greeted with a CAPTCHA, which prevents bots from snapping up all the new good items.

Item waiting

The chat queue now shows a red circled one, letting you know you have 1 reserved item waiting for download. Simply click the Trade button to start downloading it.

Friend me!

One of the friendly TF2WH accounts will be assigned to handle your trade.

Accept request

Make certain that the name in the chat matches the name of the steam friend requesting friendship and then accept their invitation.

Friend accepted

Begin trade

Once the friend has been accepted, a trade will be initiated with you, accept the trade by clicking where indicated.

Trade chat

The trade chat contains a listing of the items you add and the communications from the website.


If you try to trade any crates, duelling games, or uncraftable items, or there's an error with the trade, the trade will be cancelled and you will find the reason listed in the chat queue. You may also cancel the trade by pressing the cancel button on the site.


You may sell while buying, or initiate a trade without buying anything. When you drag an item into trade, the chat will show you the amount of credits you will get. Note that there's a limited time for trading, 90 seconds idle or 3 minutes total.


Once you're happy accept the trade by clicking the checkbox in the blue bar.


The trading account will accept, then you click the green Make Trade button and the trading account will make trade.

Trade completes

Account credited

The website will add or remove the balance of the transaction from your account, and issue you with an invoice number. Keep a copy of this number somewhere. If you have any issues, post the invoice number in a support request on the forum.